The best shooting range in Prague

Someone could say, that people that are interested in things like airsoft or going to try some weapons in shooting ranges are violent or something. Because it is true, that weapons may be dangerous, but it has nothing to do with if somebody is violent or not. People who like airsoft or shooting ranges just like the look of weapons or their functions. It is kinda a dangerous sport, but there are many sports in the world that are probably more dangerous than shooting ranges. But many people see weapons only as a source of violence not fun. Of course, it is not true.

Shooting range

So if you are interested in these things, like shooting ranges, what is the best choice? A shooting range in Prague called is the best shooting range, where you will have experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. So what is so interesting about this shooting range? They have shooting packages, so you can choose what weapons you want to try. They are called Call of Duty, Dirty Harry, Triple X, and the last one is called Army Pack. The prices of these packages are really amazing. It is the cheapest best experience you will ever find. But if happens, that you will find some better prices for the same services, just don`t worry to let them know, they will always try to make a deal with you.

Every package offers a certain number of shots. So if you want to buy some extra bullets, there is a possibility to do it. The cheapest package called Triple X offers as the name suggests three weapons and the most expensive one called Call of Duty offers eight weapons for example Pump-action shotgun, AR15, Glock 9mm, or AK47 Kalashnikov.

Outback Prague

If you are interested in this wonderful shooting range, do not hesitate to book a really amazing time there. You can ask them whatever comes to your mind and they also have socials, so if you want you can join their community, especially on Instagram.