Luxury offer

Today I have another offer of marbella apartments for sale for you.

First apartment: Apartment furnished in green-gray color

Price of the apartment: one hundred thousand euros

Number of rooms in the apartment: two

Apartment area: one hundred square meters

počítání financí

When entering the apartment, we can be the first to see the living room, which is relatively spacious. The living room has a dark green sofa and opposite it are two chairs in dark brown. Opposite the sofa is a spacious dining table surrounded by chairs and opposite the sofa is a kitchen. So the kitchen is connected to the living room. The kitchen is decorated in black and gray. Opposite the stairs lead to the next floor, which are gray. Another room is the bedroom, which is gray-white and has a large double bed with white and black pillows and gray bedding. There is a large glass window in front of the double bed. The apartment also has a bathroom with a large luxury spacious bath and toilet in white bases.

Second apartment: Apartment decorated in dark colors

Number of rooms in the apartment: two

Apartment price: one hundred thousand euros

Apartment area: one hundred and fifty square meters

hypotéka na dům

The first in the apartment we can see the living room, which is decorated in dark colors. The living room has a black sofa with white and black cushions. Opposite the sofa is a smaller coffee table and a large spacious smart black TV, which has a lot of programs. Under the coffee table is a black and white carpet in abstract symbols. Next we can see a bedroom with a large spacious bed in black and white linen. There is a small white table next to the bed. This bedroom has a tiled design that will appeal to many people who want to buy this apartment.

If you are interested in this offer, be sure not to hesitate to write or call us. Thank you very much….